Unleash your learning potential with an immersive blend of education and superhero excitement.

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👋 APP OVERVIEW - What Is The Spider-Verse App?
Your ultimate companion for all things Spider-Verse!
Swing into this multi-verse of character bios, discovering details about your favorite heroes and villains. Focus in on strengthening your understanding of the Spider-Verse with our learning tool, unlocking a wealth of knowledge as you climb the ranks against your peers. Showcase your creativity with fan art and connect with fellow fans worldwide. Stay ahead of the web with the latest news and updates around the Spider-Verse world.
Join us in celebrating the timeless legacy of the Spider-Verse, in an all-in-one immersive mobile experience!

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Ideal user persona

🤷🏽‍♂️ WHY Create This App?
While in conversations with his peers, I noticed my son would have trouble keeping up with the dialog. At first I thought maybe it was nervousness or disinterest. Then I would sit down and ask him to tell me what he learned about certain characters and I noticed his frustrations. I know he doesn't have a problem retaining information as he is a straight A student. So I began to probe deeper and realized, he didn't have anything he could reference besides comic books (which he doesn't read much of) that could help him understand the Spider-Verse. He watches YouTube, but he didn't want to sift through hours of dialogue.
Hence, the Spider-Verse app was born. In this, I aimed to provide a tool to help my 10 year old son learn and interact with his favorite Marvel franchise (so far...).
Talking with more youth and fans, added fuel to solve this initial problem and more...

Teaser of concept prototype

The full app study will be added soon. If you want to learn more, feel free to reach out. I may even give you a prototype concept walkthrough.
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