“To design is to communicate clearly by whatever means you can control
or master.” 
~ Milton Glaser
Hey there, I'm Jason Nickens, a creative problem solver and Principal/Lead Experience Designer, finding inspiration in the diverse stories of Washington, DC. My design journey has been a canvas painted with the unique experiences of this vibrant city.
In my time working with companies like Rocket Mortgage, Fannie Mae, Capital One, and Don Schaff, I've gained a treasure trove of design insights. At Rocket Mortgage, I led efforts on an app with a consistent 4.9 rating on both Apple and Google Play stores. I spearheaded the creation of a design system tailored for mobile, using Material, Human Interface Guidelines, XD, and Figma to refine the app's look and feel.
Fannie Mae provided a platform to craft engaging mobile experiences and be part of vital design decisions. During my tenure at Capital One, I led the revamp of their online banking website, where I used design strategies to help drive revenue. Additionally, my time at Don Schaff expanded my skills across diverse projects and in shaping visual aesthetics for respected clients.
But it's not just about the corporate world. Collaborations at JN Design Studio with brands like VH1, McDonald's, Led Zeppelin, and Nike added diverse perspectives and creativity to my design approach.
These experiences across the corporate landscape and entrepreneurial ventures at JN Design Studio have shaped my ability to create engaging designs. I'm all about crafting designs that truly resonate with users, infusing each project with creativity and a deep sense of connection.
If you're in search of a designer with a rich blend of experiences from both corporate giants and independent ventures, I'm enthusiastic about bringing my unique skills to create designs that captivate and truly speak to audiences.
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