When you think of tax season, you tend to believe that most of us are looking to spend our money. This year's insights showed that those who receive refunds are leaning more on savings. With about a month or so left to capitalize, Capital One chose to create a campaign centered around it's savings products and savings applications to help drive in deposit growth. The campaign channel consisted of Facebook carousel ads, financial website takeover animated banners, our owned website space—all leading back to the landing page.
1. Marketing Manager
2. Marketing Director
3. Analytics
4. Scrum Master
5. Senior Copywriter
6. 👋 Senior Art Director (ME)
1. Create all visual media (landing page, facebook carousel ads, and financial site banners)
2. Work along-side copywriter in developing core theme and messaging across the various channels
3. Align with Agile/Scrum ceremonies
4. Manage feedback loop between team deliverables and major stakeholders (Marketing Manager, Director, VP)
~1.5 - 2 months - Released
Within the tax return window of measurement (January - April) we obtained roughly $4.5 Million in new savings deposit dollars.
For a month of work, we felt this fell a little short of our $5 - 10 Million, however we still were able to make a higher ROI on employee time and resources used.
Landing Page - Desktop
Landing Page - Tablet/Mobile
Facebook Carousel
Animated Banners - Financial Site Takeover
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