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Fannie Mae recently migrated from their historical platform over to Salesforce CRM to manage all of their lenders/customers in one-place with a 360 degree view all internal relationships. In this transition, there seemed to be a huge oversight as the enterprise, being new to Salesforce, felt that the desktop functionality would easily translate to the mobile experience. Once users began to use the mobile experience in the field, there was a lot of complaints on broken functionality and time efficiency to do some of the simple, yet necessary, tasks needed to interact and bring more business to Fannie Mae.
I led the Product Design - User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) - of this project. I also worked alongside a product owner, several developers, a solution architect, and code testers utilizing the Agile framework.
1. Customers Insights & Ideation
2. Building the Project Vision
3. Planning and scope definition
4. User Interface & Experience
5. Motion & Interactions
520% - increase of daily users to the new platform
300% - uptick in tasks have been added through mobile devices
~1 min - reduce time to perform an action (previous was ~4 mins
100% - user adoption from our primary user group (Execs)
95% - of users found zero difficulty in locating and beginning their fundamental tasks
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