Strategy  |  Goals  |  Research
In order to strengthen the deposit growth and online shopping experience, Company A set out to recreate their current online platform. Through various stages of user experience research, testing and design iterations, while leveraging previous compiled internal data, Company A was ready to reimagine how shopping for their products online could be. See below for a snapshot into this process.
The key agenda for the company has been to attract more potential customers and retain profitable relationships for long-term growth.
For Company A, this means creating a better all-around web shopping platform.
Starting Area  |  Participants  |  Behaviors
How can we deliver an online shopping experience that connects people with products that meet their needs?
To answer this, we focused on people who are looking for a new product (or who have recently switched).
We conducted empathy research, content testing and validation with 28 participants. We also leveraged previous research, competitor audits, and consumer search behavior insights.
Site Architecture  |  Page Structure  |  Wireframe & High Fidelity
Interaction  vs  Static
Research showed that shoppers tend to compare products against each other to help narrow down their final decision toward acquisition. Here we wanted to create an easy and intuitive comparison module directly on the website to leverage our strengths on both desktop and mobile platforms.
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